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Southco Panel-Fasteners

Steady Industrial Fasteners Co., Ltd.

Steady Industrial Fasteners Co., Ltd. is and , specialized in producing Blind Fasteners, including Rivet Nuts, Rivets, Clinching Fasteners and Welding Studs. With more than 10 years experience in production and exporting, STEADY is a High & New technology enterprise founded in 2001.

Wtih ISO 9001:2009, TS16949 certified facilities in Zhejiang, China. We can manufacture 1.5 billion blind rivets that meet DIN7337, IFI and GB(chinese) standards annually, Plus 283 million pieces rivet nuts 120 million pieces of clinching fasteners annually, that most competitors can not simply compete.


a professional manufacturer of blind fasteners.

STEADY manufactures over thousands different type of blind rivet nuts in steel,aluminium and stainless steel, diameter from M3-M16 in metric and UNC #6-32 to UNC 1/2-13 in inch. High advantage in stainless steel blind rivets both for open and sealed type, mutigrip,monobolt and other structural rivets. We focus on "one stop shopping" and with advantage of large production capacity , consistent quality, competitive prices, punctual delivery and excellent serverices before and after sales, STEADY has become one of the leading blind fasteners manufacuture & supplier in Asia.

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How does Southco ensure the reliability and durability of their Panel-Fasteners in various environmental conditions and applications?

Southco ensures the reliability and durability of their Panel-Fasteners through a combination of rigorous testing, high-quality materials, and engineering expertise. Here are some key aspects of how Southco achieves this:
Material Selection: Southco utilizes high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and engineered plastics, chosen for their corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. These materials undergo thorough testing to ensure they meet the required performance standards for various environmental conditions.
Environmental Testing: Southco conducts extensive environmental testing to assess the performance of their Panel-Fasteners in conditions such as temperature extremes, humidity, salt spray, and UV exposure. This testing helps validate the durability and reliability of the fasteners in real-world applications.
Engineering Design: Southco Panel-Fasteners are designed using advanced engineering principles to ensure optimal strength, fatigue resistance, and longevity. The design process includes finite element analysis (FEA) and simulation to predict and optimize the fasteners' performance under different loads and environmental stresses.
Compliance with Standards: Southco ensures that their Panel-Fasteners comply with industry standards and certifications related to durability, reliability, and environmental resistance. This may include standards for corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, and load-bearing capacity.
Customer Feedback and Field Testing: Southco actively seeks feedback from customers and conducts field testing to assess the real-world performance of their Panel-Fasteners in diverse applications. This feedback loop allows Southco to continuously improve the design and materials used in their fasteners.

Can Southco Panel-Fasteners accommodate a wide range of panel thicknesses, and what design features contribute to their versatility?

Southco Panel-Fasteners are designed to accommodate a wide range of panel thicknesses, and several design features contribute to their versatility in this regard:
Adjustable Grip Range: Many Southco Panel-Fasteners feature an adjustable grip range, allowing them to securely fasten panels of varying thicknesses. This flexibility is achieved through innovative design elements such as adjustable cam and threaded inserts, enabling the fasteners to adapt to different panel thicknesses within a specified range.
Self-Clinching Fasteners: Some Southco Panel-Fasteners utilize self-clinching designs, which means they can be permanently installed into panels of various thicknesses without the need for additional hardware or secondary operations. This feature enhances the fasteners' adaptability to a broad range of panel thicknesses while simplifying the installation process.
Threaded Inserts and Standoffs: Southco offers Panel-Fasteners with threaded inserts and standoffs that can be selected based on the specific panel thickness requirements. These components provide a reliable and secure fastening solution for panels of different thicknesses, contributing to the overall versatility of the fasteners.
Spring-Loaded Designs: Certain Southco Panel-Fasteners incorporate spring-loaded mechanisms that allow for a degree of flexibility in accommodating variations in panel thickness. The spring-loaded feature ensures consistent clamping force across different panel thicknesses, making the fasteners suitable for a wide  range of applications.
Modular and Adaptable Configurations: Southco's Panel-Fasteners are available in modular and adaptable configurations, allowing for customization to suit specific panel thicknesses and application requirements. This versatility enables the fasteners to be tailored to the needs of diverse panel thicknesses within a single product line.