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Grooved Type Series

Steady Industrial Fasteners Co., Ltd.

Steady Industrial Fasteners Co., Ltd. is and , specialized in producing Blind Fasteners, including Rivet Nuts, Rivets, Clinching Fasteners and Welding Studs. With more than 10 years experience in production and exporting, STEADY is a High & New technology enterprise founded in 2001.

Wtih ISO 9001:2009, TS16949 certified facilities in Zhejiang, China. We can manufacture 1.5 billion blind rivets that meet DIN7337, IFI and GB(chinese) standards annually, Plus 283 million pieces rivet nuts 120 million pieces of clinching fasteners annually, that most competitors can not simply compete.


a professional manufacturer of blind fasteners.

STEADY manufactures over thousands different type of blind rivet nuts in steel,aluminium and stainless steel, diameter from M3-M16 in metric and UNC #6-32 to UNC 1/2-13 in inch. High advantage in stainless steel blind rivets both for open and sealed type, mutigrip,monobolt and other structural rivets. We focus on "one stop shopping" and with advantage of large production capacity , consistent quality, competitive prices, punctual delivery and excellent serverices before and after sales, STEADY has become one of the leading blind fasteners manufacuture & supplier in Asia.

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Industry knowledge

In which industries or applications are Grooved Type Blind Rivets commonly used?

Grooved Type Blind Rivets are commonly used in various industries and applications where a strong, vibration-resistant, and tamper-proof fastening solution is required. Some of the industries and applications where Grooved Type Blind Rivets are frequently employed include:
Automotive: Grooved Type Blind Rivets are used in automotive manufacturing and assembly processes for applications such as body panels, interior trim, and structural components.
Aerospace: These rivets find application in the aerospace industry for securing panels, brackets, and other components where reliability and structural integrity are paramount.
Construction: In the construction industry, Grooved Type Blind Rivets are utilized for fastening metal sheets, roofing materials, and architectural components.
Marine: They are employed in marine applications for securing components in shipbuilding, boat assembly, and marine equipment manufacturing.
Industrial Equipment: Grooved Type Blind Rivets are used in the assembly of industrial machinery, equipment enclosures, and structural components.
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning): These rivets are utilized in HVAC systems for fastening ductwork, housings, and components.
Electrical Enclosures: They are used in the assembly of electrical enclosures, control panels, and electrical cabinets.
General Manufacturing: Grooved Type Blind Rivets find application in various general manufacturing processes for fastening metal components, enclosures, and assemblies.

What are the different head styles offered for Grooved Type Blind Rivets?

The different head styles offered for Grooved Type Blind Rivets typically include:
Dome Head: This style features a rounded, dome-shaped head that provides a smooth and finished appearance once installed. Dome head rivets are commonly used in applications where a neat and aesthetic finish is desired.
Countersunk Head: These rivets have a head that is designed to sit flush with the surface once installed. Countersunk head rivets are suitable for applications where a smooth, unobtrusive finish is required, such as in thin sheet materials or where aerodynamics are a concern.
Large Flange Head: Large flange head rivets feature an expanded flange that provides a broader load-bearing surface. This style is often used in applications where there is a need for increased strength and resistance to pull-through forces.
Flat Head: Flat head rivets have a flat top surface and are suitable for applications where a low-profile finish is desired. They are often used in situations where the rivet head should not protrude significantly from the surface.
These different head styles cater to diverse application requirements, providing options for aesthetics, strength, and specific installation needs. The choice of head style depends on the specific demands of the application, the material being fastened, and the desired finished appearance.