Working principle and application of pneumatic rivet nut gun


Working principle of pneumatic riveting nut gun: The pn […]

Working principle of pneumatic riveting nut gun:
The pneumatic riveting nut gun uses compressed air as the power, and achieves the purpose of rivet expansion-riveting-breaking the rivet through the series connection of each cylinder. It has the advantages of convenient riveting, fast riveting speed, light hand-held weight, and no oil loss.
The purpose of the pneumatic rivet nut gun:
Pneumatic riveting nut gun is mainly used for riveting aluminum, iron and stainless steel plates. Stainless steel/alloy steel pull stud nozzle. Mainly pneumatic pull nails, the gun pulls nails fast. Hydraulic structure, strong pulling nail force. Pneumatic riveting gun is widely used in decoration and decoration, automobile manufacturing and modification, containers, electrical appliances, home appliances, instruments, luggage and machinery manufacturing and other industries. It is currently one of the more advanced riveting tools.