What is the difference between rivets and screws


The rivet is deformed by itself, generally one end beco […]

The rivet is deformed by itself, generally one end becomes larger, and two (or more than two) parts are connected together. Usually after riveting, if you want to split the parts, you must destroy the rivets. Also, when choosing rivets, see whether the object will be disassembled next time and whether it can be used again, because the rivets are riveted to death at once and cannot be disassembled. The rivet has no tooth pattern, and the head of the rod is enlarged to prevent the object from slipping out.screws are screwed into the body of the parts to connect the parts. So if you want to disassemble the parts, you only need to unscrew the screw, and the screw will not be damaged and can be used repeatedly. In addition, the screws can be disassembled, and it is best to use screws or screws on objects that can be used twice. Screws and screws are threaded. Self-tapping screws are directly drilled into objects, and screws and screws need to be used in conjunction with nuts.