What are the surface treatment processes for blind rivets


Blind rivet is a kind of riveting part, suitable for ri […]

Blind rivet is a kind of riveting part, suitable for riveting of many materials, with strong fastening force, at the same time, the material is excellent, the manufacturing technology level is relatively high, and the performance of the produced blind rivet is enhanced
Common surface treatment of blind rivets are:
1. Electroplating process: The common surface treatment process can be used on many metal parts. The electroplating process is used on blind rivets, which can protect the blind rivets and prevent the rivets from being worn or corroded.
2. Paint process: Improve the aesthetics of blind rivets, process different colors according to requirements, bright colors, not easy to fade, and can also protect the surface of blind rivets to a certain extent.
With the development of modern industry, blind rivets are not only more perfect in terms of performance, but also very good in appearance, have a good decorative effect, and promote the gradual expansion of the application range of blind rivets.