What are the solutions when the rivet gun fails


The practical and simple operation method of the rivet […]

The practical and simple operation method of the rivet gun has been highly praised by the industrial industry. In recent years, it has also played a considerable role in the riveting industry. However, even the most useful machine will not be maintained or paid attention to during use. Malfunctioning,
   What is the main composition of the rivet gun?
  Answer: It is mainly composed of handle, gun body, trigger, pipe joint and so on.
   There are various problems in the use of the rivet gun. How to solve the problem when you encounter a problem? The following are the types and solutions of common problems.
  1. The rivet gun can only be broken by pulling it repeatedly or pulling it many times;
  Answer: The stroke of the oil cylinder has shortened; the claw piece and push rod are worn out; the claw piece is adjusted too far forward and the claw piece cannot be closed.
  Solution: add hydraulic oil to the cylinder; replace the claw piece and push rod; adjust the claw sleeve to a proper position.
  2, the rivet gun does not return the nail after the nail is broken (stuck nail);
  Answer: The guide nozzle is not matched; the jaw sleeve is adjusted too far back and cannot be opened.
   Solution: Replace the matching guide nozzle; after adjusting the jaw sleeve to the proper position, use a broken nail to insert the nail from the guide nozzle and the nail will naturally fall out from the back.
  3. When the rivet gun presses the switch and does not pull the nail, it only exhausts the air.
   Answer: The switch O ring is broken; the piston O ring is broken.
Solution: Replace the O ring.