What are the advantages of automatic riveting machine


The characteristics of the automatic riveting machine a […]

The characteristics of the automatic riveting machine are:

   1. Exceed the limitation of metal material and thickness.

   2. The working environment is good, no dust, no smoke, no noise.

   3. No raw material consumption and no auxiliary materials are needed.

   4. The connection point is firm and reliable.

   5. Can form dots and giant dots to connect.

   6. The automatic riveting machine does not require pre-or post-processing, and allows interlayer and multi-layer connections.

  7. Will not damage the protective layer on the surface of the workpiece.

   8. Simple operation, low consumption and low maintenance cost.

  1. There is no thermal stress in the connection area.

  Automatic riveting machine connection common parts are: car roof window, window shaker, car door, exhaust pipe, car tail cover, etc. Parts in many places on the car are used. The housings of many machines, including refrigerator doors, washing machine housings, copier bases, computer housings, etc., of electrical appliances are used.

The principle and characteristics of the automatic riveting machine The automatic riveting machine uses punching equipment and special connecting molds through a momentary strong high-pressure processing process. According to the cold extrusion deformation of the material of the plate itself, a material with certain tensile and shear strength is formed. There is no stress concentration inlaid with dots inside, which can connect two or more layers of different materials and thicknesses.