The working principle of the automatic suction nail of the rivet gun


  Automatically suck nails, and the speed of pulling na […]

  Automatically suck nails, and the speed of pulling nails is twice as fast as normal. Automatically withdraw the nails and continuously pull the nails, no need to reverse the nails, which saves time. Using aviation aluminum material, it is light and easy to use for a long time without fatigue. The pulling force can be adjusted, and the speed is fast and slow.
   Two properties:
   1. A clean and dry compressed atmosphere for the rivet gun is necessary. Please compress the atmosphere and remove the oil, moisture, and quality from the accessories.
  2. The rivet gun is suitable for the atmosphere pressure and 5-7KG/CM. If the atmosphere pressure is too high, it will shorten the life and cause obstacles. The nail gun is suitable for riveting of rivets with a diameter of 2.4 to 4.8 which are widely used. The design of long stroke (14-16mm) greatly expands the riveting range of one-time start-up, and the speed of the nail gun is higher than that of previous products. has seen an increase.
   What are the characteristics of the rivet gun?
  Answer: The specific size is small, the operation is convenient, and it can be riveted in various positions.