The rivet nut and the riveted part need to be cleaned before installation


In addition to studying the precautions before the inst […]

In addition to studying the precautions before the installation of rivet nuts and rivets, we need to understand the bearing capacity of rivet nuts:
M3-M12 rivet nuts are made of low-carbon steel through cold extrusion, so the selection of it is similar to that of low-strength nuts, but its thread strength is higher than 6 and lower than 8. When the rivet nut is used in a place with a heat source, its temperature should be lower than 500℃, and the corresponding reduction in load-bearing capacity should be considered, and the user can decide through experiments.
In order to prolong the service life of rivet nuts, we need to clean them before use:
The surface of the riveted board must not have oil stains, including paint or surface phosphate treatment.
Specific cleaning methods:
The surface of the rivet nut is treated with oil: Some manufacturers use a rotary steam-driven rivet gun. When the gun is working, the bolt must be oiled to reduce the frictional force with the rivet nut thread, so the rivet nut manufacturer is required The product is oiled, which brings certain benefits to the user during installation and use, but at the expense of the pre-tightening torque between the rivet nut and the workpiece. It is best to apply oil to the bolt while using it. The fundamental solution should be to use a gas-liquid linkage riveting gun, because in this way, the bolt will not rotate when the riveting gun is riveted, but the gun head will shrink by itself.