The difference between pneumatic and hand tools in the hardware industry


The hand tools in the hardware industry are hardware to […]

The hand tools in the hardware industry are hardware tools that are operated by manpower, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, etc., which are often encountered in daily life. The advantages of these hand tools are easy to use, environmentally friendly and not energy-consuming . But for some relatively large-scale assembly, riveting and other tasks, it is not competent.

Pneumatic tools are a manifestation of the progress of human civilization. Its working principle is to use a compressor to compress air as the motive force and generate power through compressed air. Pneumatic tools are used more and more widely in the hardware industry. The most commonly used cash tools include pneumatic grinders, pneumatic angle grinders, pneumatic screwdrivers, pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic nail guns, pneumatic spray guns, etc., and pneumatic rivet guns. Assembly, riveting, fastening, painting, grinding.

Pneumatic tools have the advantages of low carbon, environmental protection, sufficient power, convenient operation, and strong use safety. Moreover, it is durable and inexpensive, making it the first choice of major manufacturers. The field of use of pneumatic tools is expanding. Because of their durability, easy and cheap replacement, and safe use, they will gradually become the mainstay in the field of hardware tools.