Stainless steel custom screws


Special screws are some national standard screws with d […]

Special screws are some national standard screws with different models and sizes, resulting in special screws. For example, the national standard head size of some screws is 8, while special screws may be 7 or even 10, so The length dimension, tolerance range, material grade strength and so on of all aspects of the national standard screw, if the screw length dimension does not meet the national standard, it will lead to a special screw.
Special screws are generally not readily available, which means that the general screw manufacturers will not have stocks. This special screw needs to be customized. The customer needs to provide screw drawings or screw samples to produce and process. The customer provides the screw drawings or screws. For samples, the manufacturer can first order the heading molds and the toothing plates according to the screw drawings or screw samples.