Semi-tubular rivets with high strength


Semi-hollow rivets have very high strength, fastness an […]

Semi-hollow rivets have very high strength, fastness and tightness. In addition to simple positioning, it also needs to be tightened in advance, so greater stretching experience, higher strength and tightness of connection and tightness of the seal. Usually when the correct design is not enough, the relative displacement of the connection is. Avoid bending the spiral. Tell me first, for example, connecting rod bolts and cylinder head bolts will bear pre-tightening loads. Semi-tubular rivets can also obtain additional longitudinal stretching working process. Therefore, the influence of the bending load of the composite material is sometimes affected by the impact load, so in general, the additional load will cause looseness. When the bolt is still under severe conditions, the axial tension will cause the bolt to delay fracture.