New furniture defined by hollow rivets and steam bending


And in a single innovation that helped them to stand ou […]

And in a single innovation that helped them to stand out in many furniture, these new projects by designer and craftsman David Colwell have two, under their name. Called the X table and a chair (derived from the shape that names each piece), these matching objects utilize steam-based wood bending and hollow tube rivets to create beautiful, curved shapes that are not limited by traditional wood fastening. From manufacturing light gray, the piece of furniture was cut off and completed in an energy-efficient manner, and there was more time devoted to the manual manufacture and assembly of wood than its initial manufacture.
Each wooden strip is considered to be the best after careful curling to ensure the structural integrity and preservation of the finished condition, a complex, organically flexible. Then, each finished part is embedded with one or more hollow, golden-tone connections that can be used as binding points and natural pivot axes at the same time.