Metal connector outer lock brushed rivet


External locking wire drawing rivets (also known as hig […]

External locking wire drawing rivets (also known as high-strength structural blind rivets, wire drawing rivets, one-piece lock core rivets, cup blind rivets, structural rivets, cup blind rivets) are a kind of structural common, Metal connectors with higher riveting strength belong to the new type of fastening parts. After the rivet core of the outer lock wire drawing rivet is pulled into the rivet body, under the effect of the special rivet gun (the rivet gun is divided into: pneumatic rivet gun, electric rivet gun, manual rivet gun) gun head-circular cutting (protruding) gun head effect , the broken nail of the mandrel will be flanged into the groove of the rivet body to form a "mechanical outer lock" to lock the mandrel.
The external lock wire drawing rivet has good hole filling performance, good air tightness and high riveting strength; it is suitable for riveting fields with high surface requirements, high riveting strength requirements and high requirements for sealing performance.