Maintenance method of riveting tools


1. All riveting tools of the staff need regular inspect […]

1. All riveting tools of the staff need regular inspection and maintenance
2. Every staff member’s riveting tools should have inspection and maintenance record cards, and record various maintenance data in detail
3. Riveting tools damaged by faulty goods should be checked and repaired immediately
4. When the riveting tool is damaged, find out the reason for the failure and report it
5. The correct use method should be taught before using riveting tools
6. Riveting tools that have not been used for a long time still need maintenance
7. The riveting tool has reached the service life or service limit, and it is prohibited to use it
8. When repairing riveting tools, follow the principle of not destroying the original design
9. Riveting tools that cannot be repaired for a while should be returned to the original manufacturer for repair