How to riveting solid rivets


Now many people around us don't know exactly how to riv […]

Now many people around us don't know exactly how to rivet solid rivets, and then don't know what good riveting tools are recommended. So today I’m here to help you answer this question.
   There are many kinds of solid rivets, but the riveting methods are the same. The riveting equipment used is generally radial riveting machine and swing-rolling riveting machine. The specific choice of riveting equipment should be determined according to the requirements of solid rivet riveting. Some require movable riveting, the connecting parts can be rotated mutually, not rigidly connected, such as scissors, pliers and many hardware accessories. This kind of radial riveting machine is a good choice. Others require fixed riveting, and the joints cannot move with each other. For example, hinges, fasteners, embedded channels for construction projects, etc., can be purchased for two types of riveting equipment.
   There is also a stricter sealing riveting, the riveting seam is tight, does not leak gas or liquid, this is a rigid connection, such as the piston rod of the vehicle, the hood of the vehicle, etc. This category generally requires customized special riveting equipment.
   There are other parts that have requirements for aesthetics. For example, after riveting, the rivet shape is required to be semi-circular, flat, flanging, etc., and it is required to be smooth and free of burrs. Then radial riveting must be used. Because of the characteristics of the riveting principle of the radial riveting machine, the riveted surface after riveting can meet the requirements of high aesthetics. If aesthetics are not required, such as the riveting of architectural fasteners, but only the connection and fastening are required, and the efficiency is high and the speed is high, then we can use a swing roller riveting machine for riveting.
   No matter what kind of solid rivet, it is recommended that you mail it to the riveting machine manufacturer for free trial riveting. In this way, more suitable riveting equipment can be selected.