How to prevent stainless steel screws from being locked?


When the stainless steel screw is locked, the pressure […]

When the stainless steel screw is locked, the pressure and heat generated between the teeth will destroy this oxide layer. The stainless steel outer hexagonal screw will block or shear the metal threads, and then the phenomenon of adhesion, how to prevent the stainless steel screw from being locked live?
1. Before use, confirm whether the mechanical properties of non-standard screw products can meet the requirements of use;
2. The length of the stainless steel screw should be selected appropriately, which shall be subject to 1-2 pitch of the exposed nut after tightening;
3. Check whether the threads are rough before use, and whether there is iron filings or dirt between the threads of non-standard screws;
4. Multi-station screws can be lubricated before use. At present, wax dipping is commonly used for lubrication and anti-locking;
5. The speed and force of screwing in should be appropriate, not too fast or too big. Stainless steel outer hexagon screw manufacturers should choose torque wrenches or socket wrenches as much as possible, and avoid using adjustable wrenches or electric wrenches;
6. In the direction of force, the nut must be screwed in perpendicular to the axis of the multi-station screw. The use of washers can effectively prevent the problem of over-locking.