How to maintain the rivet nut gun daily


The maintenance of the rivet nut gun is like people's m […]

The maintenance of the rivet nut gun is like people's maintenance of their own body. A tool is like a person. If any part is not properly protected, it will damage the machine, cause the machine to malfunction, or even be unusable. Therefore, our tools must be cleaned and inspected after use. Maintenance of rivet nut guns and other tools requires professional personnel, and non-professionals need to be well-trained. That is to say, the operator and the maintainer can be performed by different people. When purchasing rivet nut guns, general enterprises will have professional technicians to train operators in the use and maintenance. The operator should regularly check the damage and performance of the tool, and the maintainer should carry out appropriate maintenance and repairs.
Daily maintenance and inspection should be carried out before using the rivet nut gun. If the air supply system is not equipped with a lubricator, a few drops of clean light lubricating oil should be applied to the air inlet of the tool for lubrication. If the tool is used continuously, every 2-3 The air supply should be cut off for lubrication once every hour. Check for air leaks, and replace the air pipe and joints if they are damaged. If there is no filter installed on the pressure regulating valve, the air should be vented to clean the dust and water in the air passage before the tool is connected to the air source. If the filter has been installed, clean it. Check whether the nozzle assembly and the rivet match. Check whether the bottom cover 36 is rotated on the gun body 34. Checking whether the vacuum valve 60 is adjusted correctly is sufficient for the rivet to be sucked.
Disassemble and clean the gun nozzle assembly, pay special attention to protecting the gun claws, and lubricate with grease before installation. Check for oil leaks, gas pipes and joints for leaks.
Shanghai Huiyu Electronic Technology believes that if users can perform daily and weekly regular inspections and maintenance of their rivet nut guns, the work quality and efficiency of the tools can be greatly improved, and the tools can be reduced at the same time. The failure rate can reduce unnecessary losses for manufacturers. It is a pity that the usual careless maintenance leads to damage to the tools. Tools are good helpers at work. Operators need to care for their own tools like their own body. Only healthy tools can bring more help to their work. The editor remembered the original intention of our company selling all tools: don't let tools affect production. Don't let the usual carelessness cause damage to the tools. Good tools can bring you higher efficiency, and good maintenance can bring you more peace of mind.