How to choose semi-tubular rivets?


Semi-tubular rivets are a kind of product that we often […]

Semi-tubular rivets are a kind of product that we often see in our production. It serves as a cohesive work. Some companies and units all need semi-tubular rivets and Hunan solid rivets. So how to buy semi-tubular rivets?
Firstly, observe from the material to see if the head of the semi-tubular rivet is cracked, the surface is smooth, and there are no scratches. If there are cracks, scratches indicate that the material is not good. Secondly, check if the cut is flat and the wall thickness is uniform. Only the semi-hollow rivets with flat cuts and uniform wall thickness will be beautiful after curling, and the curling will be uniform without cracking.
In addition, if it is a semi-hollow rivet that needs to be electroplated, you need to check whether the inside of the hole is plated with color (such as zinc plating or nickel plating). If it does not indicate that the plating is not well plated, it needs to be reworked, otherwise the inner hole will be exposed after crimping The color without plating affects the appearance quality.