How to choose blind rivets


Factors to consider when choosing blind rivets: 1. Stre […]

Factors to consider when choosing blind rivets:
1. Strength, tensile strength and shear strength of rivets.
2. Length, measure the thickness of the plate to be riveted, and then select it according to the appropriate range.
3. Materials, rivet materials usually include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, and of course there are some special materials.
4. Diameter and aperture size are extremely important for riveting. If it is small, it will be difficult to insert the rivet. If it is large, the riveting will not be tight.
5. Shape, the rivet brim has a round head, a countersunk head, and a large cap brim. The round head is more commonly used. If the surface after riveting needs to be flat, the countersunk head is used. If the riveting material is relatively soft, the large brim is used. Suitable.