How lantern rivets work


Lantern rivets are processed through a special process. […]

Lantern rivets are processed through a special process. After riveting, the caps will turn into a lantern-like shape, so they are named lantern rivets.
Waterproof lantern rivets
The working principle of the lantern rivet: When installed and used, the rivet body deforms into a lantern shape, and the rivet body forms three large folding feet, which increases the riveting area and disperses the load on the riveting surface; this feature allows the lantern rivet to be riveted with large holes or shapes Irregular holes or fragile or soft materials.
Lantern rivets increase the waterproof function, and rubber washers are added during use to prevent moisture from intruding under the rivet cap, which has a good waterproof effect. The all-aluminum structure determines the anti-corrosion function of the lantern pull stud. Another advantage of it is that the mandrel is locked. The remaining mandrel increases the strength of the rivet. Under great shear, the lantern rivet is not easy to crack. It has waterproof and anti-corrosion properties, high strength, and riveting. Wide range. Some materials cannot be riveted with other fasteners, but lantern rivets are effective and widely used