How high-quality bolts reflect excellent performance at the connection


Corrosion is the subject of this article. Nowadays, the […]

Corrosion is the subject of this article. Nowadays, the industry pays more and more attention to environmental protection, and corrosion also receives more attention. Delaying corrosion as much as possible is one of the engineers' characters, and finding a new and environmentally friendly anti-corrosion method is the challenge facing researchers.
Many customers require durable solutions that can stand the test of a long time, which makes corrosion resistance particularly important. The on-the-go city in Malmö, Sweden is an ideal example of a durable solution, where we retracted anchor bolts to secure the ventilation ducts. Due to the frequent shifts of trucks, it is not allowed to stop operations due to maintenance and repairs, so we must ensure normal operation for 120 years.
A good time to deal with corrosion issues during the design phase. If there is a problem during the operation, improvements are being made at this time, and the cost will be very expensive. I have witnessed examples of serious impacts caused by design flaws, such as the ishikawa project. We disassembled all the parts related to the bolt link to find the root cause of the problem. Finding problems and providing solutions are our strengths. According to my experience, no matter what kind of problems we encounter, we can always provide reasonable cost, reliable and durable solutions.

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