Evacuate the blind rivet hardness test, see if you are qualified


When riveting various mechanical components, we need to […]

When riveting various mechanical components, we need to use blind rivets, but the size of the blind rivets is so small, how to ensure that its hardness is up to standard? Don't worry, the editor has compiled 9 methods to help you quickly identify!
Common hardness tests include: Rockwell Hardness (HR), Surface Rockwell Hardness (HR), Vickers Hardness (HV), Micro Vickers Hardness (HV), Knoop Hardness (HK), Brinell Hardness (HB) , Leeb hardness (HL) (rebound method), ultrasonic hardness test (UCI), Shore hardness (SHORE)
Evacuated blind rivets: English name: Pull-Thru(PT) Rivets, Chinese also known as double-sided countersunk head rivets, evacuation rivets, flat head evacuation rivets, double flat evacuation rivets, etc. Evacuated blind rivets are suitable for sheets with limited space Gold products, and the products that need to be riveted must have countersunk holes on both sides. The evacuated rivet is a very ideal countersunk head rivet fastener. The characteristic is that after riveting, no nail head falls off, and the two riveting surfaces of the product are relatively flat. Evacuated rivets are now widely used in communication cabinets in the IT industry!