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China's economic situation maintained a "steady progres […]

China's economic situation maintained a "steady progress" trend overall after entering the "thirteenth five years". Implementation of "made in China 2025", "one path one way", "supply side reformation" and other relevant policies continue to increase vitality for the domestic market. Thus, it's promoting Chinese fastener industry to achieve sustained and steady development as basic components.
After nearly 20 years of rapid growth, due to changes of downstream customer's demand for the market, domestic fastener industry is at crossroads of upgrade and transition. Problems including improving product quality, increasing additional value of product and increasing average price need to be resolved one by one.
Industry's leading platform, special equipment exhibition hall launched
There are three main theme halls in this exhibition, namely, hall 1 "equipments, wires, molds and consumables" and hall 2 and 3 "finished fastener products", respectively.
The scale of this exhibition will reach 50,000 square meters and is expected to gather nearly 800 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions including Germany, USA, Italy, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. At the same time, in order to improve the overall production and equipment level of China's fastener industry, nearly 350 companies in hall No.1 will also showcase new materials, new equipment and new technologies to meet the market needs of all parties.
Master's get-together and discussing future of the industry
Products categorization of the registered enterprises indicates that the exhibitors of hall No. 1 include six main areas, namely, fastener production equipments, fastener materials, molds and consumables for fasteners, testing equipments, packaging equipments, other related production technologies and devices, making the exhibition a colorful and informative one.
According to the organizers, many industry-leading cold-heading machine manufacturers, including Hyodong, National Machinery, Carlo Salvi, Wafios, Sacma, Nedschroef, Sakumura and others, will be displaying the latest multi-station molding equipments on site, like a collection of stars of the field.
 At the same time, a special wire section is set up in the exhibition hall, attracting exhibitors including Baoshan Iron and Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Xingcheng Special Steel, Huanghua Jujin, Wuxi Aotian, Shanghai Fanglong and others, showing the fastener raw materials with best quality, in order to cooperate with R & D and production of high-strength, corrosion resistant, high-toughness and other fastener products.
As an important part of the production process of fasteners, special mold and consumable section will also be set up in the exhibition hall. A number of famous enterprises including Taiwan Dabao, Beidepa, Haiyan Jingbin, Ningbo Henghui, Taiyayaban, Dongguan Donglong, Hebei Chaoyue, Dongguan Panbo, Kunshan Sipusi, Taicang Minghao will participate as well.