Combination screw


In addition to the obvious difference in appearance bet […]

In addition to the obvious difference in appearance between the combination screw and the ordinary screw, the main difference is the mechanical performance and use. The combination screw is a three-component or two-component with a flat washer. Of course, it is made of a normal screw with a spring. Flat cushion. To
The combination screw is actually a kind of screw, but it is a special one. Generally it is a three-assembly or two-assembly. The stainless steel Phillips screw is customized, but it is also a two-assembly to be called a combination screw. The main difference from ordinary screws is It is equipped with one more spring washer or one more flat washer than ordinary screws, or it is a three-component assembly, and one more elastic flat washer. This is the main difference between the appearance of combined screws and ordinary screws.